Empowering Conversational Commerce

We create, manage and train chatbot for your business to engage your audiences.

Boters help you to develop chatbot for your product or brand that allows businesses to deliver content, automate replies and engage customers via Facebook Messenger.

Engage Customers

Boters allowing you to sell more of your products and services through Facebook Messenger.

Artificial Intelligence

Tell us what your users said, and our platform will analyse the data and guide your chatbot to learn and understand the user’s intention using natural language processing.

Integrated Customer Service

A perfect solution to automate your frontline support so your customer service team can concentrate on more complex tasks.


Easy to Get Started
Built for Conversions
Enterprise & Agency Solutions
Technical Support Access

Hire Us

Chatbot is still new to many people and we want to ensure that it can bring the best experience to your customers. Our dedicated team is able to support you with this and help you build a useful chatbot according to your business goals. Once it is setup, you’ll be able to mange and train your bot in a breeze.

For customization and pricing details, just drop us an email at hello@mobylogix.com or ping us below: